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Pet cat toy three levels of tower tracks disc

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Type: Cats
Toys Type: Balls
Material: Propene Polymer
Size: approx 25x14x16cm
Include:1 x Pet Toy


1. Interesting: the cat turntable has 3 layers, and there is a ball in each layer. can arouse the curiosity of cats to let them be willing to play it.
2. Furniture Protector: the toys can cost the most time and energy of cats, and your furniture can get away from scratching by cats.
3. Exercise: cats can get more exercise by playing the turntable toy to have a healthy body.
4. Solve Boredom: the turntable toys can accompany cats to spend the boring time, help the cat to ease the unhappy moods and release the pressure to keep them healthy mentally.

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Environmentally friendly, nontoxic, safe and durable
Great for fun and entertainment, It is a good gift for your pet.

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