2019 Best Travel Gear to Make You Sleep Comfort Like at Home

Agatha Travel 2019 Best Travel Gear to Make You Sleep Comfort Like at Home

What can help you have a better sleep while traveling?

Did you have a terrible travel sleeping experience on a train, plane, or car seat? too noisy, lighting, or any bad conditions, will make us sleep not well, next station you will be tired like a dog...

That's why we need a travel sleep pillow and an eyepatch, especially for a lighter sleep guy, it is really essential to create a more comfortable condition to have better sleep for enjoying next station foods/scenery/exploration trip with your happy mood.


Agatha Travel Sleep Pillows

Travel Sleep Pillows

U shaped memory foam neck pillows are perfect for travel because Your neck and head to lean comfortably against the soft yet supportive memory foam cushion for ideal comfort. When you’re finished, they easily roll or fold up to fit back into your backpack or suitcase.

Agatha Travel Pillow Foldable design

Unique cell phone pocket - Rest comfortably and listen to your favorite tunes with a small elastic pocket that fits all cell phones, iPods, and other accessories. The pocket on the airplane pillow also fits the accompanying earplugs and eye mask. Also comes with an adjustable strap for a snug fit.

Agatha Travel 100% pure memory foam

100% Pure memory foam- Our memory foam travel pillow is 100% pure with no additives and is made of the exact same material as the world's leading memory foam manufacturers, unlike other travel pillows. Our ultra-plush velour cover features an easy to use zipper and is machine washable. Fits adults and kids

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3D Memory Foam Travel Sleep Eye Shade Cover

Sleep Masks

Sleep masks block out light. Perfect for long flights, shift work, camping trips, night owls, sleeping in, napping, and relaxation, and natural sleep aid for shift work & insomnia.

3D Memory Foam Travel Sleep Eye Shade Cover

3D concaved design: Free eye movements. No pressure on the eyes and relax in darkness, Eye makeup smudge-free.
Soft & comfortable & lightweight: Made from high-quality polyester and memory foam, Contoured sleep eye mask helps you relax and fall asleep quickly for a blissful sleep and wake up refreshed.

3D Memory Foam Travel Sleep Eye Shade Cover

Adjustable & secure fit- Soft and elastic wide strap w/ strong velcro fasteners allow a custom fit. Holding securely and comfortably in position at all times. It does not loosen, move on the face, or fall off while you sleep.
Ideal to block out the light: Thicker & larger size provide better all-round performance, block out 99% light and a snug comfortable fit. Fits your face perfectly.

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Soft Removable Hooded U-pillow Body Travel Neck Pillow

Hooded U Travelling Pillow

A hooded sweatshirt is great for sleeping on a plane or train, as the hood covers your eyes and blocks out light, plus protects your head from gross seatbacks.


Soft Removable Hooded U-pillow Body Travel Neck Pillow

Pillow And Hoodie: Hoodie helps reduce noise and sound, block out the sun and other light, which is perfect for your sleep.
Super Soft: The neck pillow features ultra-plush velour cover feels very soft just like smooth skin.
Soft Hooded U Pillow Cushions Travelling Pillows Body Neck Support Napping For Sleeping Travel Pillows Plane Neck Cushions New

Soft Removable Hooded U-pillow Body Travel Neck Pillow

Extremely Comfortable: 100% pure memory foam, special U shaped design offer unparalleled 360-degree neck and head support.make your long travel very comfortable.
Easy To Clean: The memory foam is removable, which can easily clean with a damp cloth, and the Plush fabrics can be washed in a washing machine.
Easy To Carry: The pillow is collapsible and compressible, Carrying Bag that you can easily fit into your backpack or suitcase. Just take it wherever you want to go.

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Whether you’re in an unfamiliar hotel room or crammed in the middle seat on a long-haul flight, these pillows, eyepatch will have you dreaming big in no time.

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